It is common knowledge there are no banks that will give you loans for cash if you have immediate need. Financial urgencies are not really catered by most money lending institutions. Emergency short term cash solution to sail smoothly through financial murky waters is what auto titles loans are about.
Many things can happen that throw off your entire financial scenario off track. Emergencies do not ask before happening and hence, you cannot really appeal to a bank to supplement your cash flow. There is simply no time for you to petition a bank.
Why auto title loans are the best solution could be because of the ease with which they can be attained. 

An auto title loan, a perfect option:

Only demands that you have possess free of charge and apparent ownership to a vehicle. So, terrible credit scores or no credit scores do not pose a threat to your loan approval.  All you need to do is to fill out an online submission form, speak with a representative of the auto title loan company and you could be holding the required sum to sail through the financial emergency that you have landed yourself in. 

Better option than payday loans:

When faced with financial calamities people tend to find themselves in the grasp of shady payday money lenders. As opposed to money lenders that offer loans at a staggering 15 to 20% interest rate in some cases, is a dangerous risk. There are no ways this loan can uplift your financial burdens if at the end you will find at least a quarter of your annual earning going in to the pocket of a money lender.
Auto title loans are always available and offer not only easy access, quick cash influx but, also the total amount of funds offered is a lot more at a lot less interest rate. There are little to no options that offer this kind of flexibility and by far a lot more secure compared to home title loans.

Faster than any financial options:

Title loans take up the guarantee of providing the fastest and most safe solution to urgent needs for loans for cash situations. Title loans offer loans up to the value of $30,000, which is a state maximum limit, depending on the value of your car. As opposed to home title and payday loans the interest and risk is minimal. Many people venturing to start of a business of there are opting for auto title loans. Auto title loan lenders are slowly seeing an increase in their customer base, which no longer comprises of people with bad credit or people in dire financial emergencies.